October 918 2020

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In My Room

Short Film
View in the Art Gallery
Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings
Release Year
In My Room is shot primarily in Birmingham’s gay village, once dominated by male-only-venues, now undergoing rapid gentrification in anticipation of a new rail link. The film features a series of choreographed dance performances, and takes a critical look at male-only social and sex spaces. As the closure of gay venues exposes gay male culture to new challenges, the film is intended both as a provocation and a document of LGBTQ culture at a time of political, social and cultural turmoil.



Quinlan and Hastings work with film, drawing, installation and performance. Their work examines the behaviours, history, politics and artefacts of LQBTQ culture in the western context, exploring how this culture is reflective of broader societal structures. Their collaborative practice uses film as part documentary and research, and part cinematic experience with an expert use of sound, colour, and camerawork.
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