October 918 2020

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Illuminating the Wilderness

Short Film
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Project Art Works
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Project Art Works is a collective of visual artists and makers. This film is a collaborative project that follows neurodivergent artists and makers, and their families and support teams, investigating a Scottish glen. The film reveals the fluidity of roles and interactions between this unique and itinerant community away from the barriers they face in their everyday lives.



Project Art Works is an artist-led organisation working with children, young people and adults and their families, who have complex support needs, bridging communities of support and the cultural and social care sectors. Project Art Works' film practice records the impact of urban and natural environments on people with complex needs, helping to understand more about the people they work with, especially those who don't use language to communicate. (c) Project Art Works (Kate Adams and Tim Corrigan), Photo by Chloe Watfern
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