October 918 2020

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Video Art
Joseph Wilson
Release Year
United Kingdom
IL-WIDNA follows a group of unapologetically queer warriors, forced to flee the UK after the introduction of Margaret Thatcher’s homophobic laws, particularly the infamous Section 28. The film is shot in Dungeness, home of legendary queer artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman, and its title, IL-WIDNA, refers to the sound-mirrors built there during World War I to detect incoming aircrafts. Wilson’s film combines live action, VHS footage, animation and appropriated archive material to reimagine what the reality of queer people during the late 1980s and 1990s could have been like if they were instead banished from the UK. With a recording of an infamous speech of Thatcher's running throughout, the film juxtaposes the harsh reality of the UK government’s policy with the unbridled creativity and optimism of those affected by it.



Joseph Wilson is a queer artist working with film, installation and performance. His work focuses on ideas that hold particular significance to him personally, including identity and self-acceptance. He is interested in rediscovering lost queer voices and celebrating the communities on the fringes of society, recently using his work to explore performance art, mental health, youth and urban culture. His work has screened at the BFI Flare and Fringe! Film Festivals and has been featured on NOWNESS, i:D, Vice, Vogue, Dazed and It’s Nice That. He is a graduate of University of the Arts London.
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