October 918 2020

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E-Z Kryptobuild

Short Film
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Alice Bucknell
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E-Z Kryptobuild (2020; 22 min.) is a multimedia work that responds to architecture’s role in perpetuating global inequity and our current climate emergency. A fictitious company offers high-net-worth individuals "post-apocalyptic sustainable luxury" through a selection of architect-designed utopias for the end of times. The project reflects on the language and aesthetics of disaster capitalism that have become familiar mantras in the post-global period. It borrows from the architectural imaginations of notable contemporary architects from Zaha Hadid to Norman Foster, and critiques the libertarian ideologies behind recent architectural movements including seasteading and the design of Silicon Valley mega-campuses.



Alice Bucknell
Alice Bucknell is an American artist and writer based in London. She uses speculative fiction to address ideas of technological utopias and the role of architecture in contributing to global inequity and ecological destruction. Her work has been featured at the White Cube, Ars Electronica, the Center for Canadian Architecture, and the MAAT in Lisbon. She is currently a staff writer at Elephant Magazine and the Harvard Design Magazine.