October 918 2020

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Directed Games

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Jonathas de Andrade
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Vanessa Barbosa
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Jogos Dirigidos (Directed Games) puts together a language experience. In Várzea Queimada community, in the Sertão of Piauí, Northeast of Brazil, a place with about 900 inhabitants and a high rate of deaf-mute population, access to water and public investment is scarce, as is the learning of the official Libras, the Brazilian sign language. In the face of all these limitations, Várzea Queimada's deaf community created its own language. The film features body and speech exercises, improvising outdoor stages for spontaneous testimonials from a group of 18 local characters, men and women. Most of the statements, most of them untranslated, are revised speech by speech, linking gestures to words, systematizing Várzea Queimada's gestural lexicon as if we were facing an educational video that teaches a new language, beyond its universe and its own questions.



Jonathas de Andrade (b. 1982, Maceió, Brasil) lives and works in Recife, Brazil. He develops videos, photographs and installations based on the production of images and texts, employing strategies that juxtapose fiction and reality, tradition and negotiation with local communities. Parting from the artist's interests in social issues, his works cross the field of language and anthropology as aspects that challenge the notion of truth, power, desire and social imaginary.