October 918 2020

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Holly Márie Parnell
Release Year
United Kingdom
What may seem like a precise control of temporality in Parnell’s compositions is really a taking flight, into slackness and suspension, like breathing in an airlock, close to all kinds of bodies. Under the guise of moving in circles, her bits and pieces carry you forward with a tidal lift. There’s a mopping motion going on; a big, containing force you can bathe inside, like a tender day of sea, made for you, oblivious to you. Every dreg and creature is contingent and mutually charged, yourself included. Masses of shifting particles bumping together. Parnell entitles the viewer, who is really her fellow traveller, to become buoyant. With each loop, fresh details approach, others slope off. Parnell makes the world reappear – shuffled and reshuffled into patterns that act like charms, spells for realigning. To give us new inklings of the world is the nucleus of magic.



Holly Márie Parnell is a London-based artist who works primarily with film, installation, live video performance and sound. Taking a documentary approach, her practice is led by personal encounters to extract subtle yet powerful truths of embodied knowledge and lived experience. Parnell completed her BFA at the University of British Columbia in 2011, an MFA from London’s Slade School of Art in 2013. Recent exhibitions and performances have taken place at Jupiter Woods, London; Cell Project Space, London; Humber Street Gallery, Hull and Homecooking, online.
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