October 918 2020

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Civil Rites

Short Film
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Andrea Luka Zimmerman
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This essayistic film-poem takes Martin Luther King’s speech, on receipt of his University of Newcastle honorary doctorate as a prompt to explore how poverty, racism and war continue to haunt our lives. The voices of engaged and marginalised Newcastle residents, responding to these themes, play in dialogue with sites of resistance filmed across Tyneside. The cyclical nature of inequality is challenged by kindness and co-existence.



Luka Zimmerman is an artist, filmmaker and cultural activist whose engaged practice focuses on marginalised individuals, communities and experience. It employs imaginative hybridity and narrative re-framing, alongside reverie and informed waywardness. Creative approaches include long-term observation, intervention, re-enactment and the use of found/archive materials, grounded in an honouring of lived realities. (c) Picture: Andrew 'WIZ' Whiston