October 918 2020

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Body Sound Performance

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Kerstin Cmelka mit den Studierenden des Lehrgebiets „Performance im erweiterten Feld“ der Hfg Offenbach/M. & Mario Mentrup
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The future cannot be predicted and current realities are no longer understandable. Frightening and liberating, because body, senses, emotions, mind can be trained for the unpredictable. Body Sound Performance is an experimental performance arrangement in which body work and live music are generically related. Includes a temporary cooperation with illustrators.



Kerstin Cmelka (*1974 in Mödling, Austria) is Professor of Performance in the extended field at HfG Offenbach. At the center of her work are live performances and performances for camera, which may evolve into walk-in installations, feature films, publications and photo series and expansively take on the character of a total work of art. A graduate of the Städelschule Frankfurt, she has received many awards and grants and teaches at international institutions.